Survey Services

Job Summary:

The Rodman is responsible for assisting the Party Chief with collection of survey data in an accurate and timely manner.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

• Adjust and operate surveying instruments such as prisms, theodolites, and electronic distance-measuring equipment.
• Collect information needed to carry out new surveys using source maps, previous survey data, photographs, computer records, and other relevant information.
• Compile information necessary to stake projects for construction, using engineering plans.
• Conduct surveys to ascertain the locations of natural features and man-made structures on the Earth's surface, underground, and underwater using electronic distance-measuring equipment and other surveying instruments.
• Maintain equipment and vehicles used by surveying crews.
• Perform manual labor, such as cutting brush for lines, carrying stakes, rebar, and other heavy items and stacking rods.
• Place and hold measuring tapes when electronic distance-measuring equipment is not used.
• Position and hold the vertical rods, or targets, that theodolite operators use for sighting to measure angles, distances, and elevations.
• Provide assistance in the development of methods and procedures for conducting field surveys.
• Record survey measurements and descriptive data using notes, drawings, sketches, and inked tracings.
• Search for section corners, property irons, and survey points.
• Set out and recover stakes, marks, and other monumentation.
• Compare survey computations with applicable standards to determine adequacy of data.
• Run rods for benches and cross-section elevations.
• Operate and manage land-information computer systems, performing tasks such as storing data, making inquiries, and producing plots and reports.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

• Will work primarily in the field on control, topographic surveys, ALTA/NSPS, and construction staking Instrument Man / Rodman of a one, two or three-person field crew.
• Cut and remove brush and undergrowth for line of sight.
• Perform mathematical calculations and field checking of field data.
• Read and understand plans and specifications.
• Know basic sources of measurement errors.
• Know, understand and demonstrate safe working/operating methods of assigned tools and equipment.

Education, certification and experience:

• A high school education or equivalent.
• Possess good interpersonal skills, and effective written and oral communication skills.
• Attendance, punctuality and reliability are essential requirements.
• Must be able to work in inclement weather.
• Valid Driver’s License required.
• Must be able to travel when needed, including some overnight assignments.