Our Company

For more than 80 years, EHRA has provided exceptional engineering services in the greater Houston area.

We have several practice areas to meet client needs. These include public infrastructure, transportation, hydraulics and hydrology, land planning, land development, land surveying, construction phase services, and landscape architecture. All of these practice areas work  together to serve city, county, state, and other governmental agencies along with single-family, retail and commercial development.

We take pride in our ability to provide an innovative, effective approach to project planning and design, with an emphasis on economics. Specific budgets and design schedules are prepared for each project and closely monitored to facilitate the completion of projects within specified time periods.

Our approach provides the project team with the latest advancements in computer hardware and software technology to enhance and expedite the engineering design and construction plan production of proposed projects.

In addition to design capabilities, we furnish construction phase services when needed, and are capable of providing complete construction observation services through experienced construction services staff.

What distinguishes EHRA is our honest, hard-working people who understand the importance of integrity and the willingness to always make things right. That’s why many of EHRA’s employees have worked with the company for years, and why several of them have fathers who worked for and retired from EHRA. We are truly a family company.