Memorial Park Master Plan

Memorial Park, encompassing more than 1500 wooded acres near the southeastern intersection of IH-10 and IH-610 and bounded by Buffalo Bayou on its southern edge, is unique among urban parks in its size, location and quality of natural features. Three major themes developed during the planning process to enhance and restore the park and create a master plan:
Stabilize: Existing erosion will be stabilized to limit further damage and the forest will be further evaluated in detail to determine the best long term strategy for forest management to reduce exotic invasive species and ensure a healthy, diverse biological community.
Connect: The Park will be more accessible and better connected by an extended comprehensive trail system and other access improvements that reach beyond the Park. In addition to physical connections, expanded and extended educational programs throughout the park will help to secure the park for future generations by creating a better informed park constituency.
Restore: Areas that are vacated, such as parts of the Maintenance facility and stable areas, and other major areas of the park will be restored and enhanced by actively managing the forest, by reducing erosion, and by managing recreational use.
The Master Plan consists of recommendations for each of several major topics as identified during extensive investigation of the park’s historic and existing conditions. These topics are the basis for the goals and actions in the plan. It is one of the largest and most visionary urban parks projects currently underway in the United States.:
Land Use
Trail Circulation Cultural Resources Infrastructure Stewardship
Natural Resources
Vehicular Circulation
Education, Coordination and Outreach

The plan, which was adopted in 2015 is underway as this is written. If you haven't visited the park in a while, it's worth a look as many aspects of the plan have been executed with many more to come!