WHA Releases Flood Plans

The West Houston Association (WHA) has released a flood control plan. As news reported, many people in neighborhoods such as Fleetwood flooded not because of Hurricane Harvey, but because of the Barker Reservoir release. According to WHA, the current plan on the books has been in place since 1940 and while it is viable, it was never completed and WHA wants to fix that. The association proposes to restore Barker/Addickes Reservoir, build a third reservoir on Cypress Creek, increase storm water conveyance and include massive home buyouts. In order to accomplish this, they hope to have a $ 2.2 billion flood control bond on the books by May. According to WHA, it would amount to around $8 per month for the average homeowner. Many homeowners are agreeable and simply want to be dry.


Source: KPRC