District Services

EHRA was one of the original creators of the Municipal Utility District concept in the 1970’s. So it’s no surprise that today, the company is still heavily involved in the engineering and construction of these facilities. As these facilities mature, the need to refurbish and maintain them is an equally important and necessary service.

Mature Utility Districts require Capital Project Plans where asset needs must be carefully balanced with cost. Forecasting what the rehabilitation and maintenance program needs to be is an important component of EHRA’s services to Municipal Utility Districts. Utility District planning involves integrating all aspects of facility rehabilitation, parks and recreation, roadway repairs, sanitary sewer and water line rehabilitation, and coordination with all governmental jurisdictions. Preparation of Bond Application Reports for financing purposes is another key component EHRA provides to ensure the success of Municipal Utility Districts. With nearly 50 years of experience, EHRA is truly a leader in providing district services throughout the Houston area.