Prepared construction documents for the South Cane Island Parkway from south of I-10 through proposed Cane Island Parkway and FM 1463 intersection.  The new roadway design comprises of one-half major thoroughfare, conventional drainage, a 600-ft long bridge over Willow Fork Bayou, Retaining walls and intersection improvements at FM 1463 (including traffic signals and illumination).  The roadway section consists of 2-lane 25-foot concrete pavement roadway. 

The intersection at FM1463 will facilitate the traffic flow between the proposed two-lane South Cane Island Parkway and the existing FM1463. EHRA has been in contact with TxDOT throughout the design phase of the project. This project required TxDOT permit since the proposed roadway ties to TxDOT on facilities on both ends. Also, required coordination with TxDOT regarding the traffic signal modification for future roadway widening.  Traffic Control Plans are developed for the construction of new intersection at FM1463.

The bridge over the Willow Fork Bayou is designed using standard type TX46 pre-stressed concrete girders supported on standard abutments and Interior bents supported on drilled shaft foundations.  The bridge is designed per TxDOT Bridge
Design Guidelines and Standards. Design loading is per AASHTO LRFD Design Specifications, current edition. The scour depths were calculated using FHWA guidelines.

The project includes a detailed hydraulic impact analysis for the proposed Cane Island Parkway and FM 1463 intersection, which has been performed in accordance with the Fort Bend Drainage District design criteria. Analysis includes coordination with TxDOT to discuss design options for draining the proposed intersection, such that it will correspond with the future TxDOT road widening project of FM 1463.   

EHRA has provided professional surveying services to perform calculations of the final approved alignment for the route and prepare documents for the acquisition of land for the road.  

This project requires coordination with Kinder Morgan and Enterprise pipeline companies and Center Point Energy.

Currently, EHRA has been providing construction phase services, addressing RFIs and design changes as a result of recent flooding due to Harvey.


US 90 at Cane Island Parkway