Approximately 2,400 acre development located in northwest Harris County, south of Highway 290 at the Future Greenhouse Road (Skinner Exit). The project includes four proposed utility districts, a Master District and one development districts. The development is within both the Cypress Creek and Horsepen Bayou watersheds. There is a constant level lake throughout in spite of an approximate 6-foot grade change (ground elevation) over the project. The constant level lake will allow for the use of water taxi’s and transports. The inclusion of multiple unique style bridges, i.e. multi-arch culvert architecturally faced to compliment the development, will allow for passage of the water taxis. The construction of the lake system will require the ultimate excavation exceeding 6M cubic yards.

The development will be crisscrossed by multiple major thoroughfares including Greenhouse Road, Tuckerton Road, Cypress North Houston and Towne Lake Parkway. Multiple development clusters including multi-family, single-family, commercial and retail will be located throughout.The development will be constructed with two water plants along with the extension of West Harris County Regional Water Authority surface water trunk lines ranging from 24-inches thru 60-inches. Two sub-regional wastewater treatment plants with secondary treatment to allow for the use of effluent as recharge water for lake system will also be constructed.

Northwest Harris County, Texas south of Highway 290, HCMUD 500, HCMUD 501, HCMUD 502