Identified as a top priority during the development of the District’s Parks Master Plan, this portion of trail was the first phase of over two miles of planned trails to provide connectivity and recreation for District residents.   
To allow for a wider corridor, the trail was located within the unused portion of West Greens Road, which lies adjacent to Greens Bayou.  This location provided ample space for the trail to curve and meander while keeping it out of the Bayou’s maintenance easement.

The 8-foot wide, 1,500 linear feet of trail was constructed of 6-feet decomposed granite and 2-12 inch concrete curbs. The decomposed granite was laid with a bonding agent. These materials were chosen to accommodate the residents desire for a soft walking surface as well as adhere to the board members desire to reduce the expected future maintenance costs.  Amenities along the trail include benches, litter receptacles, and native landscaping.
EHRA coordinated with NWHCMUD 6, Harris County Flood Control District, Harris County Precinct 4, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Harris County, Texas (Key Map 370 Q)

EHRA’s Role: 
Lead in design development, design and engineering, landscape architecture, construction phase services

Year Completed: