Preliminary Engineering Services – EHRA prepared probable construction cost estimate for the extension of League Line Road from US 75 to FM 1484. The alignment used for the estimate was based on Montgomery County thoroughfare plan. The total length of the proposed roadway is approximately 13,000 feet. The existing asphalt road in the industrial park replaced with concrete pavement.  

The general drainage principle involved in the extension of League Line Road is to improve the road in such a way that results in no adverse impact to existing drainage conditions.  The proposed alignment of League Line Road is primarily in the Stewart Creek watershed, and will cross the main channel of Stewart Creek and its tributaries nine times.  EHRA performed preliminary drainage area delineations for nine creek crossings and calculated approximate 100-year flows for each culvert crossing.  Culvert structures were sized for each of the six crossings, ranging from 48” round pipe culverts up to dual 5’x5’ box culverts.

Prepared conceptual bridge designs to cross Stewart creek and UPRR right-of-way. Final Engineering - Prepared design and construction documents for 1) bridge over Stewarts Creek which is a 3-span, 150-ft long and 2) bridge over UPRR which is a 7-span, 770-ft long. Both bridges are 58-ft wide Prestressed Concrete I-Girder bridges supported on drilled shaft foundations.


League Line Road from US 75 to FM 1484