EHRA was selected by the client to provide engineering design and to serve as District Engineer for the 2,400 acre Towne Lake Development. Our survey department retraced the overall boundary and performed a topographic survey of the site. Multiple sections have been platted which includes single and multi family residential, street dedications, commercial and district facilities. All plats for the project are calculated, drafted, submitted, field staked and recorded by the survey department.

In addition to the platting, numerous easement survey documents are prepared to blanket offsite facilities serving particular sections. EHRA also prepared Category 1A, Condition II Land Title Surveys for land acquisitions by the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District and the Lone Star College System. One of the unique situations with this project was the relocation of multiple drill sites and their respective gathering lines to accommodate the master planned community.

Coordination with the developer, surveyor, engineer and drilling rights owner were critical in this phase to ensure relocated lines were not in conflict with future utilities. Another is the planned 325 acre lake on which the community is centered. The first phase of the lake required the movement in excess of 2 million cubic yards of dirt and ultimately will require movement in excess of 6 million cubic yards. This requires the constant need of topographic surveying to monitor dirt movement and quantities. EHRA also has provided all construction staking services and as-built to date for Towne Lake.

Harris County, Texas

EHRA's Role:
Manager of all surveying aspects

Year Completed: