HCMUD No. 536 Wastewater Treatment Plant

The facility features an activated sludge process system. Additionally, the facility is equipped with an emergency standby diesel generator.

Project Overview

Harris County MUD No. 536 Wastewater Treatment Plant & On-Site Lift Station Expansion

The objective of this project was to design and construct and a standard steel package plant and  an onsite lift station to meet the District’s interim needs. The steel package plant consists of 52-foot tanks, each 12 feet wide and 12 feet, 2 inches high. The facility features an activated sludge process system with nitrification which incorporates two aeration basins, one aerobic digester, a 42-ft-diameter final clarifier, and a 25-ft-long chlorine contact basin. The final clarifier and chlorine contact basin are oversized to accommodate future plant expansion. Additionally, the facility is equipped with an emergency standby diesel generator.

The wastewater treatment plant site required a dedicated storm water quality feature and a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) not originally included in the master drainage plan. The site contained diminutive impervious area and therefore very little runoff was anticipated. Given this projection, engineered swales were sufficient to meet the storm water quality feature prerequisite. The EHRA team also recommended several thick grass species that are bulky enough to filter storm water and decrease the speed of high velocity runoff.    

During the permitting process, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality notified EHRA that the receiving stream would have the most stringent discharge parameters. EHRA addressed this condition by selecting a tertiary cloth filter package installation that not only met the discharge requirements, but also provided Type 1 Effluent. This effluent type is ideal in the event that the District decides to use treated effluent for irrigation of public areas in the future.

Project Details


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