Low Impact Development Project: Sjolander Road

PROJECT LOCATION: City of Baytown, Texas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Complete roadway design for 11,000-LF of existing 2-lane asphalt roadway to 5-lane undivided concrete roadway from I-10 to Wallisville Road. Project includes roadway reconstruction, sidewalks, hydrology and hydraulics, driveway approaches and maintenance of existing users, construction sequencing, TCP, surveying, civil engineering, canal crossing, culvert extension and headwalls at McGee Gully, R.O.W. determination, construction plans / specifications, TxDOT coordination and traffic signal modifications. EHRA Engineering coordinated with CenterPoint for relocation of power and transmission poles, the City of Baytown for public sanitary and the verification of locations of 32+ pipelines, where some were relocated. In addition, many vent pipes that were located within the proposed right-of-way. EHRA Engineering performed utility coordination on behalf of Harris County with public and private utilities including: sanitary sewer, CenterPoint electric, Verizon fiber optic and thirty (35) plus pipeline crossings of Sjolander Road for the conversion of a 2-lane asphalt roadway to a 5-lane concrete curbing gutter roadway section with approximately seventy (70) feet of additional proposed right-of-way.

EHRA Engineering provided a unique aspect to the Sjolander Road design by incorporating Low Impact Development (LID) drainage techniques, resulting in lower construction costs by minimizing storm sewer, and less overall land acquisition by eliminating off-site detention. The LID drainage approach integrated storm water conveyance, detention, storm water quality, and landscaping features into parallel roadside drainage features known as “bioretention swales.” EHRA Engineering prepared the detailed hydraulic impact analysis for the LID features, and managed preparation of the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) application for the culvert crossing and development of an off-stream regional mitigation basin for floodplain reduction on adjacent Chevron Phillips Chemical Company property.