13 December 2018

2018 Sustainability Stars Awards

Congratulations to Chris Browne and Adam McGovern for their recent awards from the West Houston Association. Chris Browne was awarded the Sustainability Stars Award. Adam McGovern was awarded the Most Outstanding Committee Member -2018.

Sustainability Stars Awards go to projects that were outstanding examples of sustainable practices in the Greater West Houston region.“The Sustainability Stars Award was established in 2017 by the WHA Sustainable Infrastructure committee with the major goal being “to gather insights into sustainable infrastructure so that WHA’s members have reliable information on the value provided by sustainable infrastructure and development practices and to recognize the early adopters of such practices.” The Sustainability Stars that can be earned are the Investigation, Inspiration, Investment, Integration, and Innovation stars. Each project submit can earn the appropriate stars at each stage of the project or all at once when complete.

The Queenston Manor Apartment Homes was award the Inspiration, Integration, Investigation & Investment stars. This apartment complex uses multiple low impact development (LID) techniques to reduce the requirement for detention and increase the value of the property by building more apartment homes. Though it may appear to look like any other apartment complex in the area, with cisterns below the permeable parking surfaces and storm water rain gardens built into the open green spaces, EHRA Engineering helped develop a worthwhile and environmentally friendly solution after industry detention standards wouldn’t do.”

Congratulations to both Chris and Adam for their accomplishments.