22 November 2017

Bridges of Texas

If you've ever traveled Texas, you've seen some pretty amazing briges, and a few that just look like art. A few from the Houston area have made an impressive list of Beautiful Texas Bridges. Rainbow Bridge, Bridge City:  The first time I saw this thing I was terrified driving from Houston. As Texans, especially around here, we see nothing but flat land,  but somehow in the distance I saw car lights way up in the sky and wondered what in the world was happening. Why is the Rainbow Bridge so high? (It's the tallest in Texas.) The city of Beaumont thought it would interfere with shipping, so the builders had to agree to make it high enough to accommodate a U.S. Navy ship that dirigibles hooked up to, which was the tallest ship in the fleet at the time. Fred Hartman Bridge, Baytown and La Porte: This bridge is famous for its sail motif. Ridden by more than a few cyclists, it's a popular one on the way to many beach spots close to Houston. Martin Luther King Bridge, Port Arthur: Old Texans still refer to this by its original Gulfgate Bridge name. Also impressive, it warrants a visit as well. 


Source: Bridges of Texas