9 July 2019

Quality Community Alliance of Texas (QCAT)

What exactly is a MUD? A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is a governmental entity created to provide residents with affordable priced housing, reliable infrastructure, and quality communities. MUD’s are composed of a five-member board, first selected by the TCEQ then later, members of the community. There are 958 MUDs in the Houston and Greater Houston area. There are 3 primary functions of a MUD: 1) water 2) sewage, and 3) drainage.

Quality Community Alliance of Texas (QCAT) offers resources to the public that educate, clarify and communicate the roles, functions and benefits of Texas utility districts, and how they enhance the quality of life for residents in their communities. EHRA is a proud to be a member of QCAT. To learn more to or to become a member of QCAT, please visit https://qcatexas.com/

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