12 November 2018

Roadway Design

Everyone in Houston knows how much traffic there can be on any given day at any given time. Roadways are changing in Missouri. Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDIs) is the new, innovative, and complex design. Drivers are diverted to the left side of the road prior to merging onto the roadway.

This innovative design is saving lives. According to Science Daily, “By analyzing more than 10,000 crash reports of DDIs in Missouri and in states that have adopted the designs, civil engineers have determined that overall crashes decreased by more than 50 percent nationwide. Additionally, fatal and injury crashes decreased by more than 70 percent, proving these cutting-edge designs are efficient, effective and life-saving.”

Diverging Diamond Interchanges divert drivers that are departing roadways by calling for traffic to drive on the left side, which improves safety by removing left-turning conflicts. Traffic flow is also improved. 

Although this may look like an unusual design, it helps with the flow of traffic and is safer for drivers. With this taking place around Missouri, there’s no doubt that it will follow in other states as well. 


Source: Science Daily